Singapore: Malaysian lawyer Zaid Abd Malek has been given a 24-month conditional warning from Singapore police on July 6 for contempt of court against his statement regarding the dismissal of a proceeding filed by two Malaysian drug traffickers. Was issued. SPF).

statement It was published in a Malay Mail article on February 14, 2020.

As director of the non-governmental organization Lawyers for Liberty, Zahid commented on the dismissal of the proceedings filed by two Malaysian drug traffickers Gobi Avedian and Datchinamurthy Kataiah, who were convicted of prison authorities’ execution methods.

“Mr. Zyed’s statement was that the Singapore court was unfair and ignored due process by rushing to the hearing, and the Singapore court” succumbed to dismissing the proceedings and proceeding to execution. ” “Suggested,” SPF said in a media release on Saturday. July 9th).

“These statements were published online and accessed by the general public in Singapore.”

Police have allowed SPF to investigate contempt of court and said the contempt of court (AGC) issued an order on March 17, 2020.

Zaid was abroad when the order was issued two years ago and wasn’t in Singapore until July 4th this year.

The media release of SPF on Saturday came two days after posting on Facebook about how Mr. Zyed was detained and cross-examined by the Singapore Police Force when he arrived on July 4.

He said he had traveled to Singapore to provide legal advice to the families of Malaysian death sentencers who were scheduled to be executed for drug trafficking crimes in Changi Prison on July 7.

According to Zaid, he was asked by the immigration officer to wait after arriving at Seletar Airport.

He waited for about four hours without any explanation and was then taken to a room where he was notified to be in the police cantonment complex on July 6 to be investigated for contempt of court. He added.

Zaid added that he was cross-examined at the Police Cantonment Complex for two and a half hours on the morning of July 6. He was then released and told to return later in the day.

That night he was allegedly guilty of contempt of court and was given two conditional warnings. One was directed at him and the other was directed at a lawyer for freedom.

Orders issued when he was abroad

SPF said on Saturday that when Mr. Zyed arrived on July 4, two police officers went to the airport to issue an order requesting his attendance for an investigation.

Mr. Zyed told the police he Interviewed on July 6th and allowed to leave the airport

Before the interview at the Police Cantonment Complex began, police said Mr Zyed was informed that he could request a break at any time.

“Recording of the statement began around 10:17 am and ended around 12:05 pm, and Mr. Zyed did not request a break during the interview,” SPF said. “Mr. Zyed left the police cantonment complex shortly after the statement was recorded.”

After the investigation was completed on the same day, SPF, in consultation with AGC, instead of being charged with contempt of court, police issued a 24-month conditional warning to Mr Zaid and his lawyer on July 6 for freedom. Said that it was issued. It was published before his departure scheduled for July 7.

Police said Mr Zyed had accepted the warnings provided to both him and the lawyer for freedom in his position as group director.

“Mr. Zyed arrived at the Police Cantonment Complex around 8:48 pm on July 6, 2022 and left the building around 9:20 pm,” SPF added.

Under the Judicial Administration (Protection) Act 2016, “Publications related to court insults are considered published in Singapore when published via the Internet or other electronic media and when accessed by the general public. In Singapore. “

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