A group of restaurants on the popular holiday island Mallorca has banned tourists wearing certain clothes related to “drunk tourism”.

A new dress code has been created to ban soccer strips and boobs tube tops at the Leven venue associated with the Palma Beach brand at the Playa de Palma party resort.

Swimsuits, trunks and novelty accessories purchased from roadside vendors (such as hats and gold chains that glow in the dark) are also banned, and clothing with company logos that promote drinking is also banned.

According to local business owners, the idea is to eliminate drunken and destructive visitors.

Juan Miferer, CEO of Parma Beach, told a Spanish newspaper Diario de Mallorca: “Public road conditions are worse than in 2017, 2018 and 2019. We have already considered the loss of the season from the perspective of blame control.”

He said police had a hard time managing the situation and couldn’t stop “a large number of tourists seeking to get drunk on public roads, front lines, and even beaches.”

Locals report being fed up with drunk visitors who make little contribution to the economy. Palm Beach manager Pedromarin states that this type of tourist book spends 3-4 nights at the last minute and spends 30-40 euros daily. “Generally for cans of alcohol and beer to drink on the street.”

“They arrive at the hotel in the morning and can’t even walk. They’re completely drunk and even their companions are lying on the sidewalk alone,” he said.

Feller added that they wanted to “re-educate” tourists through “friendly communication methods” rather than “banning” them. There is a QR in front of each restaurant that has signed up for a new dress code, which you can scan to see the rules.

The Balearic Islands of Spain have been working together in recent years to change the image of their hard parties, crack down on bad behavior and attract different types of tourists.

In 2020, the local government announced its opposition to “excessive alcohol consumption in certain parts of the Balearic Islands.”

The Balearic Islands Government said: “This is the first standard adopted throughout Europe and limits the promotion and sale of alcohol in certain tourist destinations.”

This measure prohibits “dangerous practices” such as bar liquor defined as “excursion to promote alcohol overdose”, promotion of bars offering unlimited alcohol at a fixed price, and jumping between balconies. doing.

The new “Party Boat” license has also been excluded, and tour operators have reminded guests staying at all-inclusive resorts in the area known as Arenal, Magaluf, and the West End of San Antonio this year that alcohol restrictions will apply. rice field.

“Please be aware that the Balearic Government has issued a decree on new restrictions on all-inclusive meal options,” Thomas Cook said in a message to guests.

“We can serve up to 6 alcoholic beverages per person per day. These drinks are only served for lunch and dinner (3 glasses each).”

The regulation has been in force for 5 years.

In another effort to improve tourism sustainability at Balearics, the Tourism Act introduced this year bans the introduction of new tourism accommodations for four years and presents a strategy to modernize existing hotels and resorts. I am.

-Additional report by PólÓ Conghaile

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