SINGAPORE: In what the defense called a “strange and bizarre” case, a man tricked his girlfriend into taking private photos of his mother for sexual gratification.

He also threatened to beat his girlfriend or kill herself if she didn’t come up with other ways to “fulfill his sexual desires”.

A 25-year-old man, whose names cannot be named to protect the identities of his current ex-girlfriend and mother, was sentenced to 20 weeks in prison on Thursday (September 8).

He pleaded guilty to one count of inciting an ex-girlfriend to commit voyeurism of his mother and two counts of threatening to distribute intimate images and recordings of his ex-girlfriend. , two other charges were considered.

The court heard that the perpetrator had been in a romantic relationship with the victim, a 23-year-old woman, since 2018.

“These recordings were made with her consent,” the prosecutor said.

About five times a week, the criminal demanded that his then-girlfriend send nudes of himself. If she refused, he threatened to kill himself, beat her, or post nude photos and videos of her he already had online.

As a result of his intimidation, the woman complied with his request.

Criminal threatened girlfriend

In early 2020, the offender told his girlfriend that intimate images and recordings “are no longer sufficient to satisfy his sexual desires.”

Fearing her assailant would beat her or post nudes online, her girlfriend suggested instead imagining herself having sex with her mother.

The offender agreed, but said imagining “wasn’t enough” and demanded that the mother be photographed naked, court documents say.

She then secretly took a photo of her mother’s bare breasts after she showered at home and sent the photo to the criminals.

Later that year, the perpetrator posed as his girlfriend and sent nude photos of her to a stranger on a messaging service.

When his girlfriend asked him to end the relationship, the offender refused, beating her and repeatedly threatening to post nudes online.

Last February, the perpetrator told his girlfriend that he needed to satisfy his sexual desires and asked him to think of a way to do so.

On another occasion, he repeated his request and told her to contact a stranger for sex. threatened to use it as

The victim was terrified and downloaded the mobile application Tinder, contacted strangers, asked for sex, and then sent the conversation as requested by the criminals.

She eventually reported the matter to police on March 14, 2021. When the perpetrator found out about this, he deleted all the girlfriend’s messages and intimate videos and photos he had.

‘Depraved,’ says prosecutor

Deputy prosecutor Bryant Chin sought 18 to 21 weeks in prison, citing the severity and frequency of the threats and the fact that the offender had a close relationship with the victim.

“Defendants threatened to post images and recordings on widely used platforms such as Instagram and Reddit.

He accused the criminal of “depravity” and said he committed the crime “for his own perverted sexual gratification”.

Defense attorney SS Dhillon said his client pleaded guilty at first opportunity.

“From the outset, (I) emphasize that this is a strange and strange relationship between the original victim and the accused.

“During the sexual act, the defendant recorded videos of the victim having sex with him on multiple occasions. The recordings were made with her consent. It’s not a one-sided affair, but both sides do this with their consent,” he said.

He said it was the victim who imagined the perpetrator having sex with his mother.

District Judge Paul Chan stepped in and said he was not considering this mitigation.

Judge rejects defense’s argument

“Given the circumstances in which the original victim made this suggestion, she did so because she feared the accused would hit her or post an image of herself. This suggestion,” he said. said.

Dillon reiterated that this was a “weird, bizarre relationship” and that it was also suggested by the victim to have sex with a stranger. said not.

He said his client was a first-time offender and had medical records for anxiety attacks and depression, but couldn’t get the report from the Institute of Mental Health because he couldn’t afford it.

Dillon said the client had severed ties with the victim and “never disturbed her.”

“He realized he was wrong. He is sorry and has never done it again,” he said.

Judge Chan told the offender that his crime was “corrupt and has no place in our society.”

“Although the defendant did not take the pictures himself, please note that his guilt is very high,” the judge said.

He added that crimes occurred in situations where offenders very often committed suicide, beat the victim, or posted nudes of her online.

His girlfriend was therefore “forced to think of another way,” he said.

“The first victim simply suggested that the accused imagine that he was having sex with the second victim. requested to take a picture of

“He knew she could do this because the second victim had no qualms with the first victim, who was his own daughter.”

He disagreed with the defense’s contention that the criminal was not the mastermind.

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