Many Norwegians are dissatisfied with the fact that things are more expensive. Incitement to violence is widespread online, and police security services (PSTs) are a little more vigilant.

Online forums have lower thresholds for those who call authorities and politicians “traitors,” “liars,” and “thugs” when discussing electricity and fuel prices. TV2 reports that some people are urging them to take action.

“We see a lot of hatred and incitement for violence against government officials and authorities in general,” violence researcher Kathryn Sorreyfson told Channel.

Police Security Services (PST) are extremely vigilant when aggression increases. Violence and, in the worst case, terrorist situations should be avoided.

“When we see that social change leads to population dissatisfaction, we are worried because it can lead to strong dissatisfaction among some people. This is in turn. , It could trigger someone who is already vulnerable to actually commit terrorism, “Hedvig Moe, Deputy Head of PST, told the channel.

PSTs are now calling for special caution from everyone.

“If you’re worried about someone radicalizing, you can contact us,” Moe added.

Source: © NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today / #NorwayTodayNews

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