More than 20 experts and scholars from mainland China and abroad will participate Maritime Silk Road International Cultural Forum It will be held in Macau from November 16th to 17th.

Department of Cultural Affairs (IC) President Leong Wai Man said the forum was part of events marking the 50th anniversary of the adoption of the Convention for the Safeguarding of the World’s Cultural and Natural Heritage.

The speakers will participate in online and offline forums to share their research results and practical experiences on the Maritime Silk Road, including preservation and sustainable use of cultural heritage of the Maritime Silk Road and its definition in terms of space and time. share. Maritime Silk Road.

Director Leong said that the forum will promote in-depth research on academic topics related to the Maritime Silk Road, expand exchanges and cooperation between regions and cities along the Maritime Silk Road, and promote Macao’s One Center, One Platform. He said he hopes to fulfill his role as To build One Base, increase the understanding of Macau’s civil society and her teenage students on the importance of the Maritime Silk Road, and promote their support and participation in the nomination of the Maritime Silk Road to the UNESCO Cultural Heritage List. increase.

In order to enrich the activities of the forum and promote public participation, a series of photo exhibitions on the conservation and research of cultural heritage of the Maritime Silk Road, including thematic guided tours to local historical sites of the Maritime Silk Road. Leong noted that promotional activities, themed parent-child workshops and WeChat prize games on Maritime Silk Road will be held from November 12 to December 18.

The Forum will be held for two consecutive days at the Macau Science Center as the main and sub-venues of the two higher education institutions.

It is jointly presented by the Bureau of Social Affairs and Culture and the Beijing-based National Administration of Cultural Heritage, and co-organized by the Bureau of Culture, the China Institute of Cultural Heritage and the Guangzhou Maritime Silk Road Heritage Cities Union Secretariat. The International Council on Conservation and World Heritage Nominations and Chinese Monuments and Sites, in collaboration with the University of Macau and the Macau Institute of Tourism, Macau Post Daily reported.

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