Elon Musk confirmed that Tesla’s salaried workers will be reduced by about 10% in the next three months, but the overall reduction in the workforce of electric car makers is expected to still increase staff per hour. Therefore, he said that it would be only about 3.5%.

Musk said in an interview at the Qatar Economic Forum on Tuesday.

“I think we’ll have more people in a year,” he said, but so far the reduction is from 3pc to 3.5pc.

Comments made Tesla’s staffing situation clearer after Mr. Musk issued various internal and public statements about the cuts last month.

Now headquartered in Austin, Texas, Tesla has grown to approximately 100,000 employees worldwide as it builds new factories in Austin and Berlin. The reductions that affected human resource representatives and software engineers surprised many and said that a few employees would soon end.

Two workers at Tesla’s battery plant near Reno, Nevada, filed a lawsuit late Sunday in a federal court in Austin, where the company complies with 60-day notification requirements under the Worker Coordination and Retraining Notification Act. Claims not to do.

“Don’t read too many unpositioned proceedings,” Musk said via a video link.

Mr. Musk participated in a telecommuting discussion earlier this month and issued an ultimatum for Tesla staff to return to the office or quit.

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