Actor Matthew McConaughey stands on the central stage of the White House, “reaches a hill” in Congress and passes gun control legislation in honor of those killed in a mass shooting at a school in his hometown of Yuvarde, Texas last month. I called on you to do it.

In a very personal 22-minute speech, McConaughey was put to parliament in a hurry to pass a gun reform that could save lives without violating the rights of Article 2 of the Constitutional Amendment. Provided a recommendation.

McConaughey used his star power to hold legislative discussions in ways that the Biden administration could not, provide a clear connection to the small Texas town, and complete 19 children and 2 teachers. The second worst mass school shooting in US history that provided vivid details about the loss.

Actor Matthew McConaughey has a photo, Alicia Ramirez, 10 years old (Evan Vucci / AP)

“We want a safe and secure school, and we want gun control that doesn’t make it so easy for bad guys to get a pitiful gun,” McConaughey said.

McConaughey, who considered running for Governor of Texas before taking a pass earlier this year, briefly met with President Joe Biden before addressing the White House press from James Brady’s briefing room.

McConaughey, who refused to ask questions, talked about learning to become a responsible gun owner as a young man in Yuvarde.

He said he and his wife returned to Yuvarde the day after the shooting and spent time with the victims and other people’s families who were directly affected by the rampage.

He said all the parents he spoke to said, “They want their children’s dreams to stay alive.”

“They want to make the loss of their lives a problem,” McConaughey said.

Camila Alves Makonahi has tennis shoes worn by Uvarde’s shooting victim Mate Juliana Rodriguez, 10 years old (Susan Walsh / AP).

He associated the personal stories of many victims and exhibited the artwork of one girl and the trademark green tennis shoes worn by another.

McConaughey admitted that gun control did not end the shootings, but suggested that measures could be taken to reduce the likelihood of such tragedy occurring very often.

“We need to invest in mental health care. We need a safer school. We need to curb sensational media coverage. We need to restore family values. We need to restore family values. We need to restore American values ​​and have responsible gun ownership, “Makonohee said.

“Is this all the cure? No, but people are hurt.”

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