McDonald’s is “delighted” with customer demand for its new meat-free burgers in the Irish market, said a top director at the fast food giant.

Eight months after the launch of McPlant, a vegan burger co-developed with Beyond Meat and made with plant-based patties produced in the Netherlands, the company said it was “watching” consumers’ appetites. It is Meat-free alternatives.

The positive feedback came amid reports that demand for McDonald’s plant-based burgers in the United States was “lackluster” after consumer trials were completed in recent months.

In a statement to independent farming Gráinne Allen, Director of Food and Innovation at McDonald’s UK and Ireland, said:

“We are delighted that this burger has been well received by non-meat eaters and meat eaters alike.

“McPlant stands alongside iconic beef products sourced from thousands of Irish farmers.

“Our customers love the variety of options we offer and we pay attention to food tastes and trends, including demand for meat-free alternatives, so we can offer our customers the choices they want. We continue to evolve our menu.”

Asked if McDonald’s would expand plant-based products in its 95 Irish restaurants, Allen said, “There are no immediate plans to expand the range, but it is under consideration.

Meat processing giant ABP Group, owned by Larry Goodman, also increased its presence in the meat-free market by launching the Dops range in the UK 12 months ago.

The series consists of frozen no beef, no chicken, no duck, no lamb, no pork and is aimed at flexitarians (those who eat a predominantly plant-based diet but include meat products). is. .

An ABP spokesperson, when asked about sales after the product line’s first year on the market, said: The most popular item is “No Chicken Piece”.

“DOPS is a relatively new product and our immediate focus is to further develop and enhance our consumer range. It is impossible to speculate about future developments at this stage.”

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