Me Time can’t really pull off its own plot


The film sets up a conflict that isn’t really a conflict, so it makes you wonder if anything really happened in the movie, says Tom Einarsson.

The film sets up a conflict that isn’t really a conflict, so it makes you wonder if anything really happened in the movie, says Tom Einarsson.

Sonny is a great “Mr. type of mom to sons and daughters”

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movies like me time It seems to emerge out of thin air, and very little marketing or effort seems to have gone into these multi-million dollar productions that suddenly materialize on Netflix’s homepage. gives the impression of being a cohesive story, but nothing actually happens.

Director John Hamburg meet my parents, Zoolander When Along Come Polly), me time We see a stay-at-home dad named Sonny Fisher really liberate when the architect’s wife takes the kids on a week-long vacation.

When Sunny (played by the decidedly charismatic Kevin Hart) meets with his oldest friend (played by a tired-looking Mark Wahlberg) to celebrate the latter turning 44, things is pear-shaped, as expected.


Sonny is a wonderful “Mr. Parent-Teacher Association president and the type of mother to his sons and daughters who are master lunchpackers. His wife Maya (Regina Hall), a successful architect, is a small scoundrel. There’s an eccentric billionaire client who spends little to no time and whom Sunny loathes: the Fisher family, a tight ship run by Sony who haven’t taken a day off in years, Maya and I think her client is getting too close for his comfort.

This premise is hangover-esque: Otherwise square guys want to relax and party with friends. Hangover and broke, he and his sidekick find themselves in a huge mess that they must sort out before they land in the arms of her millionaire admirer when her wife finds them. I realize that there are

Photo: Screenshot from the official trailer

Well, the party they do. Huck’s birthday party is held in the desert and resembles a miniature Burning Man festival for him. Everything is going well until a loan shark shows up and demands that Huck return his $47,000 he owes. Hack obviously can’t, so loan sharks have his Israeli henchwomen burn down the entire place, hipster teepee tents and everything.

But now that they have nothing to lose, Sunny and Huck decide to continue the party and mess around with the super-rich jerk who is too cozy with his wife. Stealing all of their shoes, rubbing cutlery on their pubes, accidentally injuring their pet turtle, etc. Angered, Sonny’s car is wrecked, someone messes up his son’s Lego Death Star, Seal shows up for some reason, and things are getting worse.

Remaining me time It’s literally reserved for grand statements about the importance of family and friendships, long discussions with your wife about money and work, and letting your kids chase their dreams.

stumbling conspiracy

Time and time again, the conspiracy thus stumbles into its own conflict and spends years trying to resolve the issue, but in the end it needed nothing more than a heartfelt apology soliloquy. .

In the most basic terms of these narrative terms, me time You can’t really pull off your own plot.sets a conflict that is neither For real Conflicts (Sony’s car wrecks, but insurance will replace it anyway so it’s okay) or overwritten and overworked all-hug-it-outs that make you wonder if anything really happened in the movie Keep things strictly straight in sequence.

Turns out the billionaire had a girlfriend all along, so it didn’t matter in the first place: Sonny got brand new Honda Odyssey through insurance fraud.

However me timeis perhaps the most jarringly obvious in the film’s ending, and has hilariously spawned an online article explaining it. do. Then, for no reason at all, they destroy the loan shark’s yacht the same way they destroyed the millionaire’s mansion.

Never heard from the loan shark again, Sunny and Huck walk off into the sunset after starting a business venture together. me timefrom start to nonsensical end, is essentially utterly uninterested in exploring conflict, consequences, or anything akin to an ethic the protagonist can’t stop banging on.

I think too much about movies like me time You run the risk of forgetting the fact that nothing actually happens. Even though all problems are solvable with minimal effort and require no moral reflection, no one really seems to care about actions or consequences. for the movie me time It could also be written by an algorithm that roughly (but not quite) understands how to write a script with characters and plot.

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