HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – July 11, 2022 – Media OutReach Newswire launches a new press release email format for journalists and a news release layout that seamlessly integrates into the organic content of media partner news sites. Announced.

Media OutReach Newswire is always at the forefront of improving client delivery results, with a focus on creating solutions that help journalists work efficiently. Our new email format gives journalists quick access to news related to their publications and easy use of text, photo and video content distributed on behalf of their clients. The new email format also allows journalists to self-manage their contact information and unsubscribe. Our database has more than 140,000 actively managed journalists and editors receiving client press releases in Asia Pacific, the United States, the United Kingdom, and other worlds. Therefore, our clients are often surprised and give us feedback that our distribution really helped journalists collect coverage of articles and receive interview requests.

“Our service aims to help journalists work efficiently and optimize the open rate of target press releases that MediaOutReach Newswire sends directly to their inbox. We received over 100 press releases and shared that most of them were removed as a result. Our new mail layout is visually bright in color as a way to help clients open their news with a prominent news. Brightens attractive, dull general emails. Of course, we help our clients guide their clients to make good stories. Media OutReach Newswire founder and CEO Jennifer Kok said: I am.

Media OutReach Newswire is the only newswire that guarantees online posting and has partnerships with 500 media in the Asia Pacific region and internationally.

“Our media partners want to deliver content that is real media with real viewers and presented as organic stories on news sites. The latest web publishing layouts for media partners. Launched a new RSS feed with built-in settings. The upgraded RSS feed seamlessly integrates client press releases as organic content. It increases the readership of the release and makes the news site a variety of social media. The aim is to enrich and facilitate sharing with the share icon. At Media OutReach Newswire, we are constantly innovating our feeds to keep up with the rapidly changing publishing trends in line with our media content partnerships. ” Added Jennifer.

Click here to view the upgraded layout of the release on the media partner news site.

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About MediaOutReachNewswire

Founded in 2009, MediaOutReach is the first global newswire founded in the Asia Pacific region with offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Japan, mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan and headquartered in Hong Kong. Media OutReach is a full-fledged service that constantly invests in distribution networks and post-release reports to connect clients to journalists, build online visibility, and enhance SEO and social media.

MediaOutReachNewswire is the only one A global press release distribution company with distribution networks in 25 countries in the Asia Pacific region. With a database of over 140,000 journalists, 400 industry categories and 65,000 media titles, we partner with over 500 real media to ensure client news releases are real online news posts.

Media OutReach, with its unique technology at its core, disrupts the newswire industry by delivering multimedia and languages ​​directly to journalists, providing reporting options that help PR professionals report efficiently and quickly. Provides post-release reports. Due to the ownership of that distribution, their reports include insights into journalists who access news by publication or country.

In 2021, Media OutReach was named “The Most Important and Influential Asia PR Delivery Service Provider in the Asia Pacific Region” by TMCnet, the world’s leading trading online media website covering communications and technology. .. Media OutReach has also been selected as the “2021 OPPOPartneroftheYear” by OPPO Global, the world’s leading smart device maker and innovator. For more information, please visit: https://www.media-outreach.com/

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