From VHS to LaserDisc, VCDS

While the sun was shining, the business made hay, but the laserdiscs didn’t stick for a long time. In the early 2000s, VCD began to dominate the world.

“We have been eliminated,” Lim recalled. “The first migration from VHS tapes to laserdiscs was okay because everyone couldn’t afford them. However, during the second migration from laserdiscs to VCDs, there was a huge loss. “

The cost of manufacturing a VCD is significantly lower, so the same program, which costs S $ 80 for laserdiscs, was launched at S $ 10. Piracy was rampant and PohKim Video filed a series of proceedings. At some point, prices fell to a record low of S $ 1.

“It was a very difficult time for Po Kim,” he said, and VCD has driven some retailers out of the market. “Many people gave up, but thanks to the relationship and trust with the staff, I stuck.”

His tenacity was rewarded when the birth of DVD came. Overcoming the cold and bitter VCD era, Po Kim was ready to serve viewers who began to prioritize quality over price. They later became the first DVD retailers to make Korean drama television series available to Singaporeans.

Daicho Now you may remember the stairs to heaven, the full house. In the early 2000s, the K drama gave Hong Kong TVB a run for that money, showing what Pokemon is for housewives and children. Po Kim has acquired distribution rights for these titles, marking the first beginning of the Korean wave in Singapore.

Who buys these DVDs?

Can a DVD cost as much as a Netflix monthly subscription that still buys a DVD? The answer is, surprisingly, young and old.

“For young people, the difference between watching a movie online and watching it on a DVD lies in its quality,” explains Lim. “People who are particular about audiovisual quality will continue to buy from us.”

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