Megan Markle served as a guest coach for the Girls Entrepreneurship Course.

Megan visited the Project Fierce Initiative in Amsterdam in April while in the Netherlands for the Invictus Games.

A photo shared by a Dutch nonprofit on Monday showed Megan hugging a happy young participant and cheering her hand in the air with a team photo with a teenager.

Megan hugging one of the participants (Chris Allerton / Archewell / PA)

In another image, the Duchess of Sussex sits cross-legged in a discussion circle, standing on a whiteboard.

In a statement released by Archewell, the Duchess said:

Meghan (Chris Allerton / Archewell / PA) visiting Project Fearless

Project Fearless aims to provide girls and non-binary youth aged 9 to 14 with tools to succeed in after-school courses such as climate science, skateboarding, kickboxing and entrepreneurship. ..

It announced a visit to the Duchess to commemorate his third birthday.

Explained how former actress Megan “enthusiastically” participated in group exercises to help students market their businesses and combat fear.

Team photo during Megan’s session (Chris Allerton / Archewell / PA)

“Earlier this year, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, attended our first entrepreneurship course as a guest coach,” it said.

“During the visit, she enthusiastically participated in group exercises to combat fear, providing exciting and encouraging feedback to girls about promoting sustainable business.”

Duchess chatting with some of the participating teenagers (Chris Allerton / Archewell / PA)

Merida Miller, founder of Project Fearless, said: .. “

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