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Who do you think got married other than Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck?

Sheryl Sandberg, chief operating officer of Facebook, or more precisely Meta, has tied the knot with Tom Bernthal. Strategy consultant, former NBC News producer, brother of actor Jon Bernthal.

The couple got married over the weekend (August 21/22) at Teton Village near Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The duo are fans of country music, so the celebration had a country and western theme – Lenny Kravitz also performed at the wedding.

people The magazine reported that Bernthal was wearing cowboy boots and jeans to the ceremony, and apparently, according to sources, the nearby Four Seasons Hotel was fully booked, not just for guests, but the Secret Service as well.

This was with political heavyweights in attendance, including Secretary of State Anthony J. Brinken.

Samberg got engaged to Bernthal in February 2020, with each of their five children (from a previous marriage) having a ring represented by a small diamond under the setting. lost her first husband, Dave Goldberg, while on vacation. She was later introduced to Bernthal by Dave’s brother Rob, who was also present at her wedding.

Sandberg announced in June that he would be stepping down as Meta COO in the fall after 14 years. Meta has received bad press over the past few years due to its involvement in spreading misinformation and internal reports that showed executives were aware of Facebook’s negative impact on mental health.

Following this, Samberg chose to publicly distance himself from the company. However, she is also being investigated for using her company’s resources to plan her wedding to Bernthal.

according to celebrity net worth, Sandberg’s fortune is estimated at about $1.6 billion. A large part of this is said to have come from her time at Facebook, where she was vice president of advertising sales at Google before joining Mark Zuckerberg. In her 2008 she moved to Facebook.

Despite her impressive fortune, Sandberg lives a more-or-less normal life and isn’t a fan of jet planes, beach houses, and private boats.

Bernthal’s net worth is estimated to be in the $5-7 million range as a former NBC news producer and CEO of an American marketing firm. On NBC, he produced segments such as: today’s show, nightly news When date line He has won three Emmy Awards for his work.

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