Macau today ordered the health authorities to conduct daily RATs on all residents for the next three days (October 30th to November 1st), and announced that between October 27th and 29th, 30 They were on high alert for anyone who spent more than a minute. In the next 7 days he gets 5 of his NATs.

Approximately 300,000 people are already undergoing the RAT today, and so far no positive cases have been reported.

There are now five Red Zones in the city, and normal life is being turned upside down once again.

Over the past few days, MGM Cotai, which has attracted hundreds of people to celebrate Oktoberfest, has closed, with casinos, shops and restaurants closed. The Russophonia Festival suddenly stopped. Ilha Verde secondary school, where two of his recent cases were reported, will also suspend classes for the next five days.

As a result, about 1,000 teachers and students had their health codes turned yellow, and 90 were sent for medical observation. Also, he must NAT her 5 times in the next 7 days to make sure he is virus free.

Macau currently has three key zones, with 80,000 people having to undergo NAT every day for three consecutive days.

Health Director Alvis Law said: “No overly draconian measures will be taken as we do our best to resolve the situation without affecting the social and economic life of the city.

“After completing the RAT in the next three days, we can decide on the next steps. The source is clear, the transmission chain is clear.”

MGM Cotai has stopped accepting new guests and guests with unknown numbers already staying at the hotel will not be allowed to leave. The following areas are currently under lockdown (all in northern Macau Peninsula):

– Fai Chi Kei: Rua Um do Bairro da Concórdia 3-9, Rua Dois do Bairro da Concórdia 4-10, Edificio Weng Heng;
– Fai Chi Kei: Rua Um do Bairro da Concórdia 11-15, Rua Dois do Bairro da Concórdia 12-16, Edificio Weng Heng;
– Fai Chi Kei: Rua Um do Bairro da Concórdia 1, Rua do Comandante João Belo 14-22 , Rua Dois do Bairro da Concórdia 2, Edifício Weng Heng;
– Areia Preta: Rua do Mercado de lao Hon 34-50, Rua da Saúde 45-89, Edificio Lai Va San Chun (Block 1), Bairro Iao Hon Municipal Market
– Opposite the border gate: Estrada dos Cavaleiros 115, Edifīcio Arco Íris (Block 1)

Starting tonight at 6pm for the next five days, travelers entering or leaving Zhuhai will be required to present 24-hour valid NAT results to the border crossing authorities.

MGTO is considering whether group tours from mainland China will go ahead as planned next month.

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