One of the most exciting nights in Singapore’s culinary scene, two years later, the Michelin Guide 2022 is back with a physical event in the sixth edition of the annual Star Revelation.

Befitting it, this year’s ceremony took place on Tuesday night (July 12) at Singapore’s iconic Marina Bay Sands. The final physical event of the guide’s release took place in 2019 at Capella Singapore. In 2020, the star revelation was canceled due to the prolonged closure of the restaurant COVID-19, and in 2021, the guide was published online via a live stream.

This year, 52 stores won stars from 49 stores last year. Seven new restaurants have been added to the 1-star list. These included Burnt Ends (moved to Dempsey last December), Raffles Hotel’s La Dame de Pic, Japanese restaurant Hamamoto, and French-Japanese restaurant Reve.

Also, the first star was awarded to Chef Jason Tan (formerly known as Corner House)’s stomach plant restaurant Euphoria and chef Louis Han’s modern Korean restaurant Nae: um. .. Han also won the Young Chef Award in 2022.

Margaret, headed by chef owner Michael Wilson, located in Gardens by the Bay, also won the first star.

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