This program connects people with disabilities, nonprofits and businesses with career coaching, mentors and job matching. The Microsoft APAC Enabler Program has also expanded to Indonesia, Malaysia and Nepal, welcoming regional partners SAP and Infosys.

Singapore – Media Outreach – June 22, 2022 – Microsoft started incubating the APAC Enabler Program in 2020. This is the world’s first focused on improving the employability of people with disabilities (PwD) in Asia Pacific (APAC).

Today, Microsoft is proud to announce an extension of this strategy. APAC Enabler Mentorship Program. PwD receives career coaching in pairs with relevant mentors based on their area of ​​expertise. Mentors guide them, become their advocates for 12 months, and recommend roles. It also teaches interview skills and helps with job matching.

The Microsoft APAC Enabler Program was launched two years ago as a pilot in five markets, including six nonprofits and 14 employer partners. The assumption was simple. Work with a nonprofit organization (NPO) to train PwD in cloud and technical skills. Then connect these NPOs to companies that are hiring people with cloud skills.

Since then, the Microsoft APAC Enabler Program has expanded across the region and now covers 13 nonprofits and 27 organizations in 9 countries. The program trains more than 7,000 participants, conducts more than 150 hours of inclusive employment workshops for persons with disabilities, organizes consultations with more than 530 PwD professionals, and enables more than 350 PwD roles and internships. Did.

Pratima Amonkar, Chairman of the Board of Microsoft Diversity & Inclusion, Head of APAC Cloud & AI Business Strategy “Mentors are the key to success for all professionals. Good mentors are coaches, guides, and vocal advocates. Piloted by three NPOs, SG Enable, Tomowork, and Virtualahan, and the educational institution Temasek Polytechnic. The program has been coached by more than 75 PwDs through the Microsoft APAC Enabler Mentorship Program, which is an important next step in improving recruitment diversity across the Asia-Pacific region. And we are proud to have our great partners become the voice of inclusion and work on inclusive recruitment during the most difficult times when pandemics are left behind. “Community.”

Extension of Microsoft APAC Enabler Program

Microsoft is excited to welcome Organizations across 3 countries and 2 APACs To the program.

Countries participating in the Microsoft APAC Enabler Program

The enabler program has expanded into three more markets. Difalink (Indonesia), National Disability Commission (Indonesia), Biji Biji (Malaysia), Rose International Foundation for Children (Nepal), and Nepal Ability Development Association (ADSoN) Indonesia, MalaysiaWhen Nepal Participate in South Korea, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Thailand to build, educate and improve employability of PwD.

As PwD experts and advocates in their respective countries, their knowledge, guidance, and networks achieve the mutual goals of the inclusive workplace, align the appropriate PwD talents, and recognize, train, and inclusive. And essential for building activities for mentorship.

Local Employer Partners SAP and Infosys Participate in Microsoft APAC Enabler Program

SAP and Infosys are making commendable efforts for the enabler program. Since the beginning of this year, both organizations have hosted sensitization workshops for employees to promote the opportunity for volunteers to become mentors.

SAP will focus on building a broad pool of mentors for mentorship programs, and Infosys will develop training, mentoring, and recruitment awareness initiatives and added value to create PwD internships.

Mariney Naran, Director of Human Resources, SAP Singapore, Head of SAP Asia Pacific and Japan D & I “We are delighted that Microsoft is part of our enabler program and we are happy to embark on the same journey of raising awareness and bridging opportunities for people with disabilities. At SAP, we improve people’s lives. We believe in driving technology, which means building a culture and environment in which every individual’s unique contributions are recognized and valued. “

Krish Shankar, Executive Vice President and Head of Human Resources Development Group, Infosys, States as follows. “When thinking about a comprehensive ecosystem, workplace accessibility should be at the heart of it. Infosys is committed to building and maintaining a comprehensive workplace, and shares an accessible workplace vision with Microsoft. And I believe in the potential benefits of programs like APAC Enabler Mentorship. I’m happy to be part of this journey. ”

FOr fClick for a list of NPOs and organizations for the Microsoft APAC Enabler Program. here

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