California: Microsoft Corp announced on Tuesday that it will stop selling technology that infers someone’s emotions based on facial images and will not provide unlimited access to facial recognition technology.

This action reflects the efforts of major cloud providers to curb sensitive technologies on their own, as US and European lawmakers continue to consider comprehensive legal restrictions.

At least since last year, Microsoft has been looking at whether emotion recognition systems are science-based.

“These efforts raise important questions about privacy, the lack of consensus on the definition of’emotion’, and the inability to generalize the association between facial expressions and emotional states across use cases, regions and demographics. “It was,” said Sarah Bird, a Principal Group product. The manager of Microsoft’s Azure AI unit said in a blog post.

It takes a year for existing customers to lose access to artificial intelligence tools aimed at guessing emotions, gender, age, smiles, facial hair, hair and makeup.

Alphabet Inc’s Google Cloud launched a similar rating first reported by Reuters last year.

Google blocked 13 planned emotions from tools for reading emotions and reviewed 4 existing emotions such as joy and sadness. Weighed a new system that expresses movements such as frowns and smiles without trying to connect them to emotions.

Google didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment on Tuesday.

Microsoft also said that customers need to get approval to use facial recognition services. This allows people to log in to websites and open locked doors through face scans.

The company has called on clients to avoid situations that could invade privacy or cause technology struggles, such as identifying minors, but has not explicitly banned their use. did.

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