She pointed out that Tan Kiat How, who belongs to East Cost GRC, as well as Rahayu Mahzam of Jurong GRC, has been promoted.

Mr. Tan has been promoted to Minister of State and will continue to work at the Ministry of Information and Communication and the Ministry of National Development.

Mr. Rahayu has been promoted to Parliamentary Chairman, newly appointed by the Ministry of Justice, and remains in the Ministry of Health. She abandons her appointment at the Ministry of Communications and Information.

“They will need time to show policy and political chops to become part of the core 4G team and fix some of the GRCs that may have leadership updates.” Dr. Kor said.

SMU Associate Professor Tan said the remodeling wasn’t a real surprise, as Lee still wanted to rely on “trial and error stable hands” because the generational crisis wasn’t over yet.

“Even in the advanced stages of political renewal, the government emphasizes change in continuity and brings to the fore with its own style of political involvement and mobilization of young 4G and 5G (5G). You will want to take advantage of the leader. “

NUS Associate Professor Tan said this would allow him to access different portfolios at the junior office owner level without having to reshuffle the cabinet.

“The latter is the team he has to work with and is therefore his privilege to decide how he wants to form the team, so it’s best to leave it to the next PM,” he added. ..

Future DPMS?

Health Minister On Ye Kung and Mr. Chan continue to be core members of the 4G team and are “enhancing the portfolio,” said SMU Associate Professor Tan. The two ministers were previously considered candidates for prime minister.

“The Prime Minister intends to continue their good work in ministries where they have been there for just over a year. There is still a lot to do for them,” he said.

Associate Professor Tan Ern Ser said he could serve as Deputy Prime Minister or Coordinating Minister in the future.

He added: “If 4G is fully deployed, it wouldn’t be too early to talk about 5G. For the latter, I see Desmond Lee in a good position to rise higher in his cabinet. increase.”

Dr. Ko found it interesting that there was another exchange of politicians incorporated into the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC).

“Probably more efforts are being made to expose more 4G leaders to the labor movement,” she said. Heading to NTUC, Minister of State Qi Hong Tat will be able to return to full-time work in the mainstream government. “

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