Local cow with a visual ear tag

(CNS): According to a press release, the Ministry of Agriculture has begun deploying a national livestock identification and tracking system as part of its efforts to modernize the agricultural sector. The aim is to enhance animal identification and disease monitoring, assist in the procurement and supply of feed and other resources based on livestock population data, and monitor genetic and breed variation within the Cayman Islands. ..

This system tracks imported livestock and contains information about their identity, ownership and geographic location. This information is stored electronically under the control of the Veterinary Department of the Ministry of Agriculture.

Several cattle recently imported into the Cayman Islands with funding from the Ministry of Agriculture from the Cayman Islands Agricultural Association have been incorporated into the new system. Members of the Veterinary Division have attached a visual ear tag to each animal and are planning an animal passport with the same identification number as the ear tag issued to the owner.

This document must accompany the animal as it travels from one facility to another.

Agriculture Minister Jay Ebanks said the new system would bring the Cayman Islands to international standards. “In the future, when the tracking system is fully implemented, livestock on all three islands will be equipped with electronic identification tags, including cattle and goats, and the movement of these animals will be involved in sales or disposal. Instead, the system can monitor all means, “he added.

Farmers interested in tagging animals can call the following Ministry of Agriculture. 947-3090..

This service is free and does not require any prior schedule. Records management advice is provided to farmers by veterinary staff.

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