“The ministry will buy another 10 new electric buses in the coming months, turning almost 50% of its vehicles into electricity,” Transport Minister Lawrence Scott told Congress today. [June 17]The ministry also added, “We intend to introduce a law to lay the foundation for the digitization of fares.”

The full statement of the Minister is as follows:

Speaker, on February 18, 2022, I have 30 new buses arriving at my prestigious home and will be in service after they are abolished, with public transport bureau bus operators and garage staff training the buses. I let you know that I received it.

Speaker, I’m glad to see that the bus was running in the first week of April.

Speaker, the ministry’s mission is to travel Bermuda with high quality bus service. Over the last eight weeks, the department has provided consistent and reliable service without mass cancellations.

Even after deploying public buses to ensure students can arrive at school safely, only one cancellation was scheduled last Monday, compared to last summer’s maximum of 50 cancellations per day. It has been greatly improved. Around the corner, in itself!

Speakers, the government is working on a transition to a more sustainable and more intelligent public bus system that will improve the quality of life of the inhabitants. Under Phase 2 of the bus replenishment project, the ministry will purchase additional 10 new electric buses in the coming months, turning almost 50% of the fleet into electricity. The ministry will also introduce legislation to lay the foundation for the digitization of fares.

Speaker, the electric bus has only been in operation for more than two months. Residents’ feedback is that traveling on a new bus is a more enjoyable experience with no emissions at the bus stop, a quiet and smooth ride.

Mr. Speaker, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the hard-working staff of the Public Transport Department for their help in integrating the new electric bus into the public bus schedule.

Thank you, Speaker!

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