Cetonya Cacho

(CNS): Chief Officer Cetonya Cacho will take up a new position in the Vice Governor’s Office. This is described as a strategic operational position and begins in the area of ​​policy and strategy development to ensure the effective operation of child safeguards. board. She is also responsible for identifying and coordinating the activities of all civil servants who “promote innovation, cooperation and delivery of government priorities,” officials said.

Cacho will also lead efforts to improve the timeliness and quality of responses to key governance and management recommendations from the Directorate General of Audit and the Audit and Risk Assurance Commission.

“As our strategic operations manager, Ms. Kacho will join a busy and well-performing team,” DG Franzmanderson said in a press release on the transfer. “She gained her skills, abilities and experience as chief officer, which enhances the capabilities of my office, and ultimately our team brings various important strategic projects and services to the entire civil service. Helps to provide. “

Earlier this release, Cacho expressed his desire to work beyond education and harness her skills, knowledge and experience in a wider range of civil servant projects.

Cacho said her entire civil servant career has been devoted to education and has spent a lot of personal time on ministries over the past two years.

“This is to ensure that children are safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, learning losses are minimized, and students can make great progress when they return to learning in class. It was an effort. During the pandemic, and while we continue to manage COVID in the community, I’m proud of the educational reaction, “she said.

The transfer of Cacho will take effect on Friday, July 1, with Deputy Chief Officer Lines Monteis serving as Chief Officer of the Ministry of Education.

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