Police reunited family with missing dog – more than a year after she was reported stolen.

Police received a report last June 27 that Coco, a Chihuahua/Jack Russell mix, was stolen from the Gray family’s home on Ormeau Road in Belfast.

Sergeant Matt Boucher said: “Coco’s disappearance has had a devastating effect on the family, and since her disappearance, an ongoing search has been underway to find her.

“Unfortunately, in the days following her disappearance, Coco was seen numerous times, but her whereabouts were unknown.

“Cops searched property in the North Belfast area this morning and Coco was found and seized from her address.

“The 36-year-old man was subsequently issued a warning for allegedly dealing in stolen goods, and the investigation is still ongoing.”

Boucher said after going to the vet to make sure Coco was fine and that her microchip details were correct, officers were happy to return her to her rightful owner.

“This was an intelligence-led search that led to the discovery of Coco at this address,” he said.

“It was a wonderful feeling to see the Gray family’s reaction when we arrived unannounced at their door with Coco in their arms.

“She barked loudly when we arrived outside the address, so she knew she was home for sure.

“Coco’s return was also a nice late birthday surprise for her owner, Chelsea, who celebrated her 13th birthday on Wednesday.

“An investigation into Coco’s theft is ongoing, but in the meantime we are pleased to have reunited her with her rightful owner.”

Anyone with information about Coco’s theft is asked to contact police at 101 Lisburn Road citing reference number 2481 on 21/06/27.

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