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(CNS): Customs and Border Protection has confirmed that an unknown number of Cuban immigrants have left the jurisdiction. However, more immigrants continue to arrive. Around 1:00 pm on a Monday lunchtime, a boat carrying four men and a woman landed in the East End. According to the release, the five Cubans have disembarked and are being processed according to the CBC’s established protocols.

The service is currently trying to determine the exact number and identity of migrants who may have left the country unofficially by boat, officials said. Not all immigrants are being held in custody pending the outcome of their asylum applications, according to the CBC. Some live in civic centers, but many live in communities.

The CBC said, “The total number of migrants leaving the jurisdiction will fluctuate as migrants sometimes go on different voyages,” suggesting that this is not an isolated incident.

Migrants released from detention are not monitored electronically, according to the CBC, so authorities will have to use other methods to identify which individuals have left the country and how many have left unofficially. there is.

said to be around 180 Cuban immigrantsaccording to the last official count, undulation On ships arriving in Cayman waters after borders began reopening earlier this year. April and May saw a steady stream of regular arrivals, but Monday is the first time the ship has arrived since.

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