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A TikTok video that has gone viral since Wednesday (October 26) shows a group of monkeys breaking into a local women’s restroom and stealing bath products.

The woman, TikTok user @quackalackin, shared that she heard a commotion coming from the bathroom, opened the bathroom door to check, and found that three monkeys had entered through the bathroom window.

The woman quickly closed the door and ran. She jokingly said in the video that she “couldn’t go far” because she had a mask on her face.

When I opened the toilet door again and checked, the monkeys were coming in and out one after another, as if they were using the toilet as a “home”. At one point, two monkeys jumped onto the railing of the shower curtain and sat there enjoying themselves.

After some time, the monkey decides to steal the toilet supplies in the restroom. This also includes toilet items in storage cabinets. One monkey managed to get shampoo, but when he tried to get out the window, the shampoo slipped out of his hand and fell to the ground.

Seeing this, the monkey glanced at the ground, then raised its head and stared at the woman. Her woman described it in the video as “death’s eye.”

The woman then looked at the bathroom door again and said, “I won’t deal with it now.”

Over the years monkeys have come to her house as “guests” because her house is near a forest, but this is the first time a monkey has broken into her bathroom, the woman added. I was.

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