At least nine monkeys were found down the side panel of the Clementi Housing and Development Board (HDB) block.

The video uploaded to Complaint Singapore on the Facebook page on Sunday (July 17th) began with two monkeys wandering down on their way down the building.

A monkey climbing a nearby streetlight pillar was also found.

Photo: FB Screen Grab / Complaint Singapore

A few seconds later, more monkeys emerged from one HDB unit, and they skillfully shook towards the sides of the building and began descent.

Photo: FB Screen Grab / Complaint Singapore

Those who reached the ground collectively left the site, waiting for their companions to still slide down.

Photo: FB Screen Grab / Complaint Singapore

Netizens enjoyed the video, noting that the monkeys looked like SWAT or special operations teams. “Civil defense trainee?” Asked the netizens.

Others asked why the monkeys targeted a particular unit.

“There may be a lot of bananas in the house,” said Facebook user Mary Grace Tagarao, but another speculated that someone was playing Jumanji flat.

Meanwhile, Facebook user Nicholas Guo said it wasn’t the monkey’s fault. “Blame humans. We will destroy their habitat,” he said in a comment with over 155 likes.

“Soon, deforestation will be everywhere in HDB’s new real estate. Human-created plants and trees aren’t enough and unsuitable to make up for these lost natural forests,” said Facebook users. Larry Yip said.

“Newly planted trees around HDB estates and private condos are only valid for the human eye staying there, not for these animals.” / TISG

The girl spies on a rare Raffles striped langurs (monkey) trapped in the drainage channel of Io Chu Kang.

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