Work to restore the sentry box of Fernán Méndez Pinto Street and the gatehouse of Patio da Capoeira in Taipa will proceed after the Cultural Heritage Commission approves the project.

At the council, representatives from the Department of Culture (IC) also consulted members on exercising their right of first refusal in relation to appraised properties.

Leong Wai Man, president of IC, pointed out that specific case information will not be made public as the property being evaluated is a regular private property that includes privacy.

Wu Chow Kit, a member of the Cultural Heritage Council, said the sentry box on Calle Fernandez Pinto and the gatehouse on Patio da Capoeira will cost about MOP70,000 and MOP170,000 to maintain, respectively. .

In related news, regarding the Zone A land reclamation area covering East District 2, Mr Leon pointed out that the area needs a community library similar to the one at the Sec Pai Van public housing complex in Coloane. , added that the first phase will add 2,000 square meters. One plot has been reserved for the construction of a library, and he will be allocated 5,000 square meters for cultural facilities.

Zone A lots D11 and D12 have been allocated for city-level cultural facilities such as museums and performance venues, Leong said, adding that the agency expects the Zone A museum space to be similar in size to Macau. I added that I would. A museum in NAPE with the potential to provide the public with a better art and cultural experience.

Leon pointed out that the podium of the future building will also have various cultural facilities for use by the general public and groups.

However, so far there is no timetable for specific plans for cultural facilities in Zone A, Leon said.

Furthermore, when asked about the conflict between members of the A-Ma temple management group, Leung said her bureau was aware of the situation and was in contact with the group, saying that the bureau was working on the heritage building. public access to and hitherto unaffected temples.

Leong also said that the remains of Taipa’s former Iec Long fireworks factory will open later this year, with wooden walkways and exhibition halls for the public to learn about the original. Told. exterior.

She added that the exhibition will feature displays related to factories and local firecracker makers from late December to increase public understanding of the industry. The coffee shop and other supporting facilities will gradually come online in the first quarter of next year, the Macau Post Daily reported.

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