Changes coming to Macau’s gaming industry after MP Andrew Chan Chak Mo said everyone involved in the junket business does not have to comply with legal obligations to disclose information to the government details have been revealed. individual or entity.

Chan serves as Second Speaker of the Legislative Assembly A standing committee considering legislation to regulate the city’s junket operators (formally known as game promoters).

After reviewing the bill in a closed-door meeting yesterday, Chan said after committee members said the disclosure obligations proposed in the previous version of the bill would have to be complied with by everyone in the junket industry, so the “government and gave them too much authority,” he said. Official Disclosure Obligations.

Economy and Finance Secretary Lay Wai Nong and other government officials attended the meeting yesterday.

According to Chan, the latest version of the bill would allow certain entities, such as gaming concessionaires, junkets and related management companies, to be considered ineligible if they fail to comply with their disclosure obligations during eligibility assessments. is proposing. The Office of Inspection Coordination will require such individuals and entities to provide certain documents, information or evidence necessary to prove their eligibility.

The bill also proposes that an employment contract terminated by a court dissolution order, the imposition of additional penalties, or the imposition of an administrative penalty shall be considered unfair dismissal.

Chan said that the government should order a precautionary suspension if the entity concerned could cause serious or irreparable harm to the public interest and the entity could destroy evidence. Some committee members were quoted as saying that

Chan said the government would add an article proposing that the dismissal of officials for such reasons would also be considered unreasonable.

Chan said his committee has completed its article-by-article review of the bill, and the committee and government legal advisers will hold a technical meeting to further discuss the wording of the bill before it reaches the legislative assembly. He added that he expects it to be submitted. For final article-by-article discussion and voting at the plenary session in mid-November, following the summer recess beginning September 1.

Quoting a government official, Chan said the government would consider standardizing the effective date of the bill, the Macau Post Daily reported, bidding for up to six gaming concessions will take place. was broken

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