Following the fierce throbbing of yesterday’s strong winds and rain, Macau will have more rainy weather in the next few days.

The Department of Meteorological and Geophysical (SMG) announces that Macau will be hit by showers today and tomorrow, including the possibility of torrential rains accompanied by squall thunderstorms, while troughs continue to affect Macau. Did.

The station issued a thunderstorm warning and a special weather warning early yesterday morning, followed by a yellow and red storm warning.

According to the Education and Youth Development Bureau, due to bad weather, afternoon classes in kindergartens and elementary and junior high schools were suspended yesterday after being warned of torrential rain.

As of 4 pm yesterday, 182.8 mm of rainfall was recorded on the Macau Peninsula, and 234.8 mm and 184.4 mm of rainfall were recorded on Taipa and Coloane.

The bureau cautioned against possible floods and landslides due to storms and urged residents to pay close attention to observatory announcements and warnings.

Floods occurred yesterday due to heavy rains in Macau, including Cotai and roses.

The Municipal Affairs Bureau said staff were dispatched to the affected areas to remove debris from the drainage system, Macau Post Daily reported.

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