A total of 88 new confirmed cases yesterday brought a Macau Covid-19 count to 1,303 cases as of midnight last night, announcing a new coronavirus response and coordination center.

Of the new cases, 31 are managed and managed in the Red Zone and medical observation hotels, 13 are closely related, 33 are found in mass NAT and major group NAT, and 11 are in the community. It was detected.

The center also has 17,378 individuals following up as of 8 am today, of which 2,722 are intimate contacts, 10,096 are itinerary duplications, 811 are secondary contacts, and 255 are in general. Announced contact information and 734 companions.

Macau will begin its sixth city-wide Mass Nucleic Acid Test (NAT) today at 6 am adjustment time and will end tomorrow at 6 pm.Mandatory for everyone in Macau take a test..

Before going to a NAT center, you must first do a negative rapid test (RAT), and as a result, upload For Macau Health Law. Only those with a negative result can go to the NAT center, but those with a positive result should immediately call 119, 120, or 2857222 for an ambulance.

For those who failed the test by 6 pm tomorrow, Yellow health code He was then taken to a designated location for testing by police. Those who refuse the exam will be subject to compulsory medical observation for 14 days at the designated location.

On the other hand, the fifth mass NAT yesterday collected a total of 667,597 samples, of which 31 batches of pooled samples (10 individual samples for each pooled sample) were positive and the rest were negative. Closed according to the New Coronavirus Response and Coordination Center. ..

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