The majority of state-owned AIBs will make 70 of 170 bank branches cashless to raise key issues regarding social inclusion and security. This includes removing the ATM from within the branch.

His move means withdrawal of cash services from towns such as Dingle, Abbey Fail, Bull, Kahir, Goat, Yawl and Wicklow Town from September.

AIB said it is making changes as part of its € 40 million investment program and as it deepens its relationship with An Post.

AIB’s branch network is the largest of the banks and states that it guarantees that branches will remain in 95% of where Ulster Bank and KBC leave.

However, the dramatic withdrawal of cash services can raise serious concerns. Despite the shift to cashless payments between consumers and businesses, central banks say cash remains important for both economic function and social inclusion.

According to the central bank, “cash provides payment and savings options for people with limited or no access to digital money, including socially vulnerable citizens such as the elderly and low-income groups. Is essential to. ”

Michael Kilcoin, chairman of the Consumers Association, said he was concerned that the downgrade of 70 branches could eventually close it.

“This move to stop receiving cash and checks at 70 branches is the first step towards closing those branches.

“If we continue to reduce the services our branches provide, it will be more economical to close them,” Kilcoyne said.

Bank cash processing is also important, especially for small and medium-sized businesses with high cash usage, who rely on depositing cash in the bank for security.

AIB, led by CEO Colin Hunt, said it would divert 70 affected branches to strengthen account opening facilities for new customers, while withdrawing cash and check services from these branches due to lower demand. ..

“As digital usage has skyrocketed, the cost of providing cash services has become increasingly unsustainable. As a result, cash, ATMs and check services will be removed from these branches, but customers will continue to cash in the community. Efficient access to, “says AIB.

Cash and check services are available at 920 post offices for AIB customers.

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