Netizens say, “You shouldn’t have a child unless you really want to have one and take the time to raise one.”

Photo: freepik.com/user15285612 (explanation only)

A man posted on the NUS Whispers Facebook page said he and his wife were asked why they had no children yet, as many of their peers were old enough to start a family.

“The answer is simple. Unless you really want to have a child and you want to spend your time raising a child, you shouldn’t have a child. This answer is mine. It often makes people uncomfortable because it seems to directly interfere with life’s choices, “he said.

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Was the advertising photo of the “Honda Type R car for sale” taken when you were drunk or during an earthquake?

Photo: FB Screen Grab / Robert Liu

Car sellers often post high-resolution photos of the car’s current state for buyer viewing, but Malaysian car owner ads take the opposite approach and go viral online. became.

Facebook user Robert Liew posted a total of 15 badly taken photos of the Honda Type R. The interior is as follows:

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Are “Sex-Crazy” Women Still Cursed?


How does it really feel to be a woman with a strong sexual desire? Being a woman who wants more than one man is disliked in some cultures.

And, according to this article, extreme sexual desires do not know the boundaries of age and generation.

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Netizens leave a five-star review to counter the “cheap skating” policy of Fort Canning Restaurant’s ban on eating out. The carry-on fee is S $ 20 instead of S $ 50.

Photo: Google screen grab

Those who dine at Fort Canning Park restaurants were told to pay a S $ 50 carry-on fee to bring their birthday cake, and have left a bitter Google review of their experience ever since.

Netizens have since given their businesses a five-star rating to combat one-star reviews by “cheap skates” who don’t understand the restaurant’s “ban on external food policies.”

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Titus Low proposes to M’sian influencers 6 hours after meeting her at a party

Photo: YouTube Screen Grab / Titus & Cheryl

Former OnlyFans creator Titus Low surprised his followers after announcing his engagement with Malaysian influencer Cheryl Chin.

In a YouTube video posted on Friday (June 17th), 22-year-old Low and 21-year-old Chin answered some questions about their relationship and explained how they “should be”. did. Both were “a little too spontaneous”, so Law took the opportunity to propose. When asked, “How was your suggestion?”, Rho explained that it was “pressure from his peers” that prompted him to ask questions, as he wouldn’t do that on a normal day.

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