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why aren’t you 18? – Time for change” – Lee Shenyang advocates lowering voting age in Singapore

Photo: FB Screengrab/Lee Hsien Yang

In a much-shared Facebook post, Lee Shenyang, the prime minister’s brother and second son to Lee Kuan Yew’s first prime minister, wrote:For the country, “democracy, political participation and involving young people in their own future” is a thing of the past.

Lee also said in a post on Tuesday (September 6) that there are only seven countries in the world where the voting age is 21 or older, and Singapore is one of them.

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Hawker stalls were said to have refused to give the elderly women an economical exchange for rice.Server claims she only paid $5 but her aunt said she paid $10

Photo: FB Screengrab/Complaint Singapore

Recently, a woman visited COMPLAINT Singapore’s Facebook page to talk to the public about the negative experience her mother had when she did not give her the change that the hawker stall server said she should have paid. Especially warned the elderly.

Diana So’s mother said she paid $10 for economy rice she ordered from Teochew Curry Mix Veggie Rice at Bedok Interchange Hawker Center on August 25, but the attendant said she only paid $5. Told.

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Customers say they found ‘glass’ shards in Bak Kwa Floss mooncakes

Photo: TikTok screengrab/@sin_ngoh

Things can appear in unexpected places, but finding foreign objects in food can be a nightmare.

A customer named Prichelle Pei, who uses @sin_ngoh on TikTok, said in a video on Sunday (September 4) that she found what appeared to be a shard of glass inside Bee Cheng Hiang’s bak kwa floss mooncake. I was.

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‘This Myanmar man is very bold’ — Netizens react to man suing PUB Singapore for $578,000 after bike gets stuck in drain

Photo: Unsplash/Aditya Wardhana (description only).

Last January, a man who was injured when his bicycle wheel got caught in a drain grate sued PUB, the state-owned water company.

Myanmar citizen Maung Maung Aung Soe Thu, 42, is seeking at least $578,000 in damages in a negligence suit.

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Pritam Singh enjoyed talking with a Singaporean who worked for the former UN Under-Secretary-General and helped thousands of Vietnamese refugees.Ask if anyone else has a similar story to share

Photo: FB screengrab/Pritam Singh

During a recent Workers Party outreach, opposition leader Pritam Singh met a Singaporean who worked under Shashi Thalor. senior United Nations official.

The WP chief wrote in a Facebook post on Tuesday, September 6, that he met a man named Wallace at the party’s recent Hammer outreach (a weekend activity when the newsletter is distributed). he is a good man “

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