Mosaic Insurance is recognized for “an innovative insurance technology platform that innovates risk management, streamlines industry processes and improves operational efficiency.”

A spokeswoman said: “Mosaic insurance is recognized for its innovative insurance technology platform that revolutionizes risk management, streamlines industry processes and improves operational efficiency.

“Mosaic was selected as a Medium Real Estate / Non-life Insurance Winner in the Data / Analysis category of the Aite-Novarica Insurance Technology Impact Awards 2022 by its real-time underwriting analysis portal.

“This award recognizes IT initiatives and projects that have made a significant impact on the business within the industry organization, now in its 11th year. 350 winners of this year’s program have evaluated more than 60 technology projects. Selected by Aite-Novarica’s Research Council, which consists of more than one insurance technology leader. “

Mitch Blaser, Co-CEO of Mosaic, said: “It really makes sense to be recognized by industry stakeholders and emphasizes Mosaic’s mission to foster partnerships in this business.

“We are excited to help our platform inform and speed up the work of risk professionals across the insurance sector.”

A spokeswoman said: “Mosaic, supported by DXC Technology and Trident International Inc, has developed an automated platform that enables database decision making to revolutionize insurance underwriting. This platform provides rich data visualization and APIs. We are also strengthening connectivity between insurers, brokers, reinsurers and capital partners through mobile accessibility, automated and secure real-time access that provides complex analysis with AI. “

Krishnan Ethirajan, Chief Operating Officer of Mosaic, said: [MAP]..

“We have assets that we consider the industry to be relevant and differentiated. We were able to maximize the power of our data through a well-designed data model and architecture. By facilitating collaboration, we are changing the traditional working paradigm. “

A spokeswoman said: “MAP leverages a variety of technologies, including DXC Assure components for the back end, Trident API gateways, Amazon S3, Amazon QuickSight data visualization, Athena interactive query services, and Glue serverless data integration. % Cloud-based, exposed to API, real-time, with the ability to share data with stakeholders, the first application on the market.

“Professional underwriters need to be able to quickly access complex analytics to assess the most profitable risks,” said Abhijeet Kuray, Mosaic’s chief technology officer. Pointed out that it is being tuned as a prototype of Lloyd’s Blueprint Two aspirations. “In the past, underwriters often faced a flood of unstructured information that was often unavailable. Real-time, consumable data to facilitate the most discerning underwriting decisions. There was an urgent need. “

“By eliminating manual labor and increasing data availability, the platform demonstrates the promise of Mosaic’s InsurTech operating model and supports the company’s increased underwriting in its highly technical disciplines.

“The platform continues to evolve and is integrated with external sources such as the London Market Association. [LMA] Dun & Bradstreet for pricing platform and data expansion. The dashboard was built for Mosaic’s reinsurance companies and trading capital partners participating in syndicate programs that cover complex risks in regional markets around the world. “

Jason Howard, President of Acrisure International, said:

“It is very important that this gives third-party capital providers real-time access to the risks of being bound by Mosaic’s underwriting team and makes it easy for partners to analyze their share of the Mosaic portfolio.”

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