The 44th Moscow International Film Festival opened on Friday as foreign representation dwindled amid the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

Nikita Mikhalkov, head of estival, the director of the Oscar-winning Burnt by the Sun, dismissed it by saying:

“I’m interested in people coming because I’m interested in meeting us.”

Mikhalkov also praised Russia’s military operations in Ukraine.


Russian actor Ivan Kudryavtsev (AP) attends the opening ceremony of the 44th Moscow International Film Festival in Moscow.

“Recently, the heroes are in Donbass,” he said, adding that after Russian-backed separatists began fighting the Ukrainian government in 2014, industrial growth in eastern Ukraine, two regions Russia recognized sovereignty this year. You mentioned the center.

“A new elite and a new hero are being born.

“There is actually a new world emerging, a new society. The problem is, unfortunately, not everyone understands that this is serious and will continue,” he said. I was.

The festival kicked off with the premiere of the highly anticipated Russian historical epic Land of Legends, directed by Anton Megerdichev.

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