Icelandic politicians took to Twitter last night to pay tribute to Queen Elizabeth II, who died yesterday. . Johannesson called Elizabeth “the greatest monarch of our time”.

historic reign ends

Queen Elizabeth II died yesterday at her Scottish estate in Balmoral. Her death at the age of 96 marks the end of her historic 70-year reign. As noted by the BBC, the Queen witnessed major social changes when she took the throne in 1952.

Following the news of her death, Icelandic political leaders sent their condolences to the royal family, the British people and the Commonwealth of Nations on Twitter. President Guzni Tu was also included. Johannesson; Chancellor Katrin Jakobsdottir; Minister of Foreign Affairs Solddis Kolbrun Lakefjords Gilfadottir.




“Where’s the forest?”

In June 1990 Queen Elizabeth II visited Iceland and met with political leaders and President Vigdis Finnbogadottir. During her stay, the Queen toured Þingvellir, stopped at the Friendship Forest at Karastadir, and gave an appropriate commentary on her relatives. The little things Forests of Iceland (excerpt from Iceland Review):

“When Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II visited Reykjavik on June 25, the first day of her visit, the red, white and blue Union Jack and the Icelandic flag fluttered over Reykjavik, a showcase of Icelandic arts and culture. … Having lunched with the Prime Minister in Þingvellir, the cradle of democracy in Iceland, the Queen learned that in 1874 her great-great-grandfather, King Christian IX of Denmark, had given the Icelanders He mentioned his visit to Þingvellir when he gave the first modern constitution, the first step on the road to a new independence.After lunch and a short visit to Þingvellir church, the royal delegation The final destination of a country tour to plant trees in the Friendship Forest, which was launched this spring in Calastadil. “Where’s the woods?” Her Majesty asked in amazement as we walked with the President. Through low-growing shrubs planted earlier this year by staff from various foreign embassies in Reykjavik. President Finnbogadottir promised that in time it would become a true forest, Queen continued to dig healthy sized birch saplings. “

Queen Elizabeth visits Iceland


(Photo: Paul Stephenson)

Post-political leader, the president mourns the death of Queen Elizabeth II and first appears in the Icelandic Review.

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