Mozambique is set to begin exporting liquefied natural gas (LNG) and the first tanker is expected to arrive in the East African Republic soon for its first shipment.

The British Mentor oil tanker, which carries only LNG, is owned by energy company BP and will dock at Italian oil company Eni’s floating platform built off the north coast of Mozambique. It will produce 3.4 million tons of liquefied natural gas.

Coral-Sul was developed by Eni with an investment worth nearly €7 billion. In 2016, BP acquired all of Coral-Sul’s gas production from Eni.

An Italian energy company plans to build a second floating platform that will be ready within four years.

Eni told Bloomberg that it will soon report the first LNG exports from Coral-Sul.

The success of Eni’s project in Mozambique has been hindered by jihadist attacks in northern Mozambique that have killed hundreds and displaced more than 700,000, halting Total’s project to explore LNG in Cabo Delgado in 2021. in contrast to what

Mozambique’s decision to export LNG comes at a time when prices are at all-time highs and continue to rise thanks to huge demand from European and Asian countries deprived of Russia’s gas abundance after the invasion of Ukraine. .

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