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Willow Bank Resort at Sandy’s Parish is back. With the addition of various shows to the repertoire since its reopening, it was only natural to attend the premiere opening of a real-life experience of a leading lawyer who was touched by God and turned into a career in songwriting.

Attorney Janita Burke and producer and music teacher Bim Bademosi collaborate on “Experience Vol. 1 foot with a Century 22 band consisting of Johnny Woolridge. [keyboards]Wensey Wool Ridge [guitar] And Bim Bademosi [guitar and sound].. Under the banner of Kairos XXII Productions, the event will take place next Saturday, with doors open at 7pm and showtime at 8pm.

It is the singer who is ready to add to Mr. Burke’s spiritual journey:

  • Shani Smith
  • Sharde Lee
  • Candice Farbert
  • Jecoa Burrows
  • Ricky Sha Bins
  • Jita Blakeney

Fullcast takes you on a musical journey that introduces a number of original songs written by Mr. Burke and some international favorites:

  • Sailing
  • I became
  • All night
  • Controversial
  • 4 women

If you are interested in having fun in a beautiful seaside environment, why not try something different? Light hors d’oeuvres are available so you can relax and enjoy the show. For tickets, ptix.bm is the main supplier. Contact Kairos (234-2222 or 505-7729) for more information.

–Dale Butler is a professor of local music and also writes reviews for Bernnews restaurants, books and dance.

Experience Vol1 Bermuda June 2022 (2)

Experience Vol1 Bermuda June 2022 (3)

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