Nadine Dorries said the Conservatives wouldn’t be the majority in parliament if the public “paid too much attention” to Channel 4 News.

The Secretary of Culture, who peaked during a telephone session on LBC Radio, argued that the government’s decision to sell Channel 4 was not “ideological.”

Earlier this year, the government announced its intention to remove public ownership of broadcasters that were created by Margaret Thatcher’s Tory government in 1982 and were fully funded by advertising.

Selling Channel 4 is to save Channel 4Nadin Dolly’s

In response to a call from the general public, Ms. Dolly said that the “story” that the sale of Channel 4 meant the end of the broadcast was “not entirely true.”

She added: “Sales of Channel 4 is to save on Channel 4.

“And the reason we sell Channel 4 is because it’s state-owned and Channel 4 wants to raise money to make more of its great content. Encourage the comedians you mentioned more. please give me.”

The minister said the broadcasters needed to be “released” so that the government could increase the investment needed in the future.

Asked if the government would like to penalize Channel 4 because it is aware of important coverage, Ms. Dolly’s replied:

“I said that Channel 4 itself may not benefit at all, but I couldn’t care what they were reporting in the news.


Culture Secretary Nadin Dolly (Yui Mok / PA)

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“If someone listened to what Channel 4 was saying in the news, or paid too much attention to it, Congress wouldn’t have a majority of 83 seats.

“So I’m worried about Channel 4 News? So am I selling it? No, to be honest, I won’t give you a fig.”

Revisiting the report that former anchor John Snow shouted “F *** the Tories” at the Glastonbury Festival five years ago, she added: ..

“But again, we’ve won a majority of 83 seats, so it’s not an ideology.

“I really like Channel 4. I’m watching (it). To be honest, when I try to watch something on Linear TV these days, it’s often Channel 4.”

In April of this year, a government white paper first considered Channel 4’s proposed plan, and under public ownership, broadcasters have limited ability to borrow or raise capital by issuing shares. And because its establishment relies heavily on advertising revenue, which states that it “stops making it effectively.”

I’m asking for comments on Channel 4.

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