Singapore-From Friday (June 10th), step into the underground exhibition area of ​​the National Museum and return to the office for 50 years from the 1970s, with a typewriter, scattered pencils, bulky computers on the desk and through the window. To the skyline of the old town.

Overhead, the speakers make the typewriter’s keyboard rattling, stamp rattling, and insane office chatter.

The National Museum offers an immersive experience, choosing to recreate the entire environment so that visitors can live and breathe history, away from what was traditionally possible at the exhibition. Therefore, all that is missing is the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. If only one hour.

Call Off / On: Everyday technology that changed our lives, a new exhibition at the National Museum from Friday to October 30th, to the 1970s-2000s gadgets and their use in Singapore. I’m focusing.

Payphones are installed in recreated hair salons and coffee shops. The camera is in a photo studio and in a dark room. A cassette player and Nintendo games are set up in the living room, with home furnishings and sports medals that young students should have won.

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