Next year’s National Day Parade (NDP) will be held in Padang, and this year’s parade will be the last parade to be held on the floating platform in Marina Bay, Defense Minister Ng Eng Hen said on Saturday (July 9).

He hopes that after the NDP rehearsal, subsequent NDP will be held at the National Stadium before the permanent NS Square (which will replace the floating platform) is ready by the end of 2026. I told reporters.

“I’m going to do it in Padang next year, but then I’d like to do it at the National Stadium. I think I can do it because the management is more predictable and stable,” said Dr. Ng.

“So I’m looking forward to more NDP that Singaporeans can celebrate together.”

Redevelopment work for the permanent NS Square is scheduled to begin in March next year.

The floating platform was built in 2007 as a provisional NDP site during the construction of the National Stadium.

Since then, the ability to incorporate waterfront views and air, land and sea elements has made it a popular NDP venue among many parade participants.

Dr. Ng said: Seeing that, it’s a heavenly dream for show producers … you can carry Chinooks (helicopters), fighters, and divers.

“I don’t think we can ask for a better place.”

The Floating Platform also hosts many other major events, including a graduation parade of basic military training, a countdown party, and a celebration of the Hong Bao River.

The last NDP in Padang was 2019, but the National Stadium hosted the last parade in 2016.

The government announced last month that the sports hub, including the National Stadium, will be owned and controlled by the national institution Sports Singapore from December this year.

The stadium and surrounding facilities have been managed by the Private Consortium Sports Hub Private Limited since its opening in 2014.

The rehearsal on Saturday was packed with spectators. This year was the second national education show for fifth graders.

Despite the recent surge in Covid-19 cases, the minister said the parade was “completely well on track” as the number of cases was stable.

Health Minister Ong Ye Kung said earlier this week that Singapore is approaching the peak of the current wave of Covid-19 infections.

Dr. Ng said the NDP show focuses on how Singaporeans approached the pandemic and emerged more strongly from the pandemic, for Singaporeans to build, reflect on and celebrate together. I did.

“I think every Singaporean will understand what we experienced in a pandemic and how we got stronger together,” he said.

Asked about this year’s Heartland celebration, Dr. Ng said the pandemic of the last two years meant that he couldn’t do a full-fledged show, and as a result, the NDP moved to Heartland. ..

“We will continue to maintain the Red Lion (paratrooper) or fighter fly past so that we can celebrate National Foundation Day with more Singaporeans,” he said.

This year, there are five Heartland celebrations scheduled for the weekend of August 6th-7th. Performance, activities, static display of home teams and SAF vehicles, and Red Lions freefall jumps are on the card.

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