Netflix has released a teaser trailer for the epic conclusions of the hit series “Stranger Things.”

The popular show Series 4 is currently streamed, but the last two episodes will be packaged together as Volume 2.

Netflix has released a clip of the episode as it aired on July 1st at the Geeked Week Festival on Thursday.

The five-day free event features fan-only news, trailers, celebrity appearances, and covers everything from movies to television to games.

Every day there is a designated theme. Monday is a series, Tuesday is a movie, Wednesday is an animation, and Friday is a game.

On Thursday, a cast interview was held on the production of the series and the release of a new trailer, fully dedicated to the hit show Stranger Things.

Sharing the trailer online, series star David Harbor posted:

“Wait, you did it all. We gave you seven episodes, and you already binged them all, right?

“Now you’re ready. See July 1st for the spectacular finale.”

The final episode will run in a feature film, with episode 408 running in 1 hour and 25 minutes and 409 running in 2 hours and 19 minutes.

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