netflix The company said it halted filming of the British royal drama “The Crown” on Friday after the death of Queen Elizabeth II. The critically-acclaimed show is currently filming its sixth season, and it chronicles the monarch’s life over the decades throughout its past seasons. A Netflix spokesperson told AFP: “Out of respect, the filming of The Crown has been suspended today. Filming will also be halted on the day of Her Majesty’s funeral.”

The multiple Emmy Award-winning series began with its first season in 1947, when Queen Elizabeth married Prince Philip. Her fifth season is set to release in November and will chronicle her 1990s events regarding the monarchy, including the death of Princess Diana. Imelda Staunton as Queen. Netflix hasn’t revealed details for Season 6, but it will look more recent, including the events after Princess Diana’s death in a car accident and her influence on the royal family.

The announcement came as Hollywood stars and executives from Netflix and other major studios gathered in Toronto for the Toronto International Film Festival. On Thursday, theaters in Canadian cities turned off their illuminated marquees to commemorate the death of the Commonwealth monarch, flags were lowered and the lights at the famous CN Tower were also dimmed. Daniel Radcliffe was among the stars dealing with the queen’s death at the festival, telling reporters that her absence felt “weirdly unimaginable and surreal right now.”

“My parents and I, no one my age or my age, has ever lived in the country without her,” he said on the red carpet of his new film, Weird: The Story of Al Yankovic. Later Friday in Toronto, Stephen Frears and Steve Coogan present the monarchy-themed world premiere of “The Lost King,” about the discovery of the remains of Richard III. – AFP

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