Those who dine at Fort Canning Park restaurants were told to pay a S $ 50 carry-on fee to bring their birthday cake, and have left a bitter Google review of their experience ever since.

Netizens have since given their businesses a five-star rating to combat one-star reviews by “cheap skates” who don’t understand the restaurant’s “ban on external food policies.”

according to Stomp In a June 17 report, Roy booked five people to celebrate his birthday dinner in Lujardan on June 14.

They brought cakes purchased elsewhere and were informed by restaurant staff that eating out was not allowed. If they wanted to eat cake at the restaurant, they had to pay a carry-on fee of S $ 50.

“Le Jardin did not allow cakes to be brought in for birthday celebrations. They claim that eating out is not allowed, and many restaurants in Singapore are like that,” Roy said. Says.

“As a result of the discussion, we were told that we could eat the cake at the restaurant, but we considered this an event, so we added a $ 50 fee. After discussing with the staff, we said that the cake was small. , Reduced the price to $ 20. “

Eventually, the group decided to dine at another restaurant in Clark Key instead.

Someone named Darren Wong left a Google review at the restaurant and said he stepped in, “it’s going to be one of the worst places.”

“If we buy one of them as a fair redemption, the whole episode might have been better treated if they suggested allowing the cake instead.” Mr. Wong added.

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Le Jardin’s management responded to the reviews and explained their aspects of the story.

The restaurant has revealed that it has a fixed policy of banning outside food and drinks. “I hope you understand that this policy is not’ridiculously unprecedented’,” the restaurant added.

In addition, Le Jardin pointed out that there may have been a typo in the review, as he initially offered a carry-on fee of S $ 20 instead of S $ 50.

The description also mentioned that Mr. Wong booked an Earl Gray lavender cake from the restaurant. This was a solution proposed by the staff to waive the cover fee, but was rejected by the group.

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It seems that the general public has begun to leave 1-star reviews for their business. As a result, another netizen group has left a 5-star rating as a countermeasure.

Netizen George Lam said on Saturday (June 18th) that he was “a five-star who successfully handled cheap customers.”

“Leave 5 stars to counter 1 star reviews of professional answers and your company’s position in the F & B business. Keep doing what you are doing. Support you right away. I’m looking forward to it! ”Added Netizen Fenyx Seah.

Photo: Google screen grab

Photo: Google screen grab

Photo: Google screen grab

Support continued to flow in some of the latest reviews posted on Sunday afternoon (June 19th).

Photo: Google screen grab

Photo: Google screen grab

Many shared their experience at the restaurant and said the food was excellent and would definitely come again. / TISG

After a rude customer lectures on Hawker, Kf Seetoh argues that “restaurants and hawkers need to review their customers … they also have the right.”

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