A man posted on the NUS Whispers Facebook page said he and his wife were asked why they had no children yet, as many of their peers were old enough to start a family.

“The answer is simple. Unless you really want to have a child and you want to spend your time raising a child, you shouldn’t have a child. This answer is mine. It often makes people uncomfortable because it seems to directly interfere with life’s choices, “he said.

He said that many have a “just cause” for production, but “this is where everything goes downhill. Parents enjoy only the fun part of parenting and the rest. I want to throw it away to the person and everything else around him. “

Then, instead of spending time with them, they provided them with gadgets to play with and explained to parents how to “use their cellphones and computers with peace of mind.”

“The actual amount of human interaction a child receives helps to raise and grow the child as an intellectual,” he added.

He also emphasized that raising a child takes patience and time, not just a token of 30 minutes each day.

“Supper for kids after years of seeing people say things like” parents are the best thing you can do “and” sacrifices are worth it “. Whiplash the iPad at the seat and blow up the baby shark I came to the conclusion that being a parent is not an easy feat while domestic helpers are trying to feed their children. A true parent, not a sperm donor or egg incubator, “he added.

Many comments were received after receiving comments such as the difficulty of raising children and the opinion that “I don’t know what I am doing” when raising children.

Many netizens felt that his post was judgmental.

“If you have your own kids, come here and post. Otherwise, come to be more holy than you and don’t make bold statements. Talk until you have to do it yourself. Is easy, “writes one mother.

“Your baby will teach you how to become a parent, and you’ll come back here to see if you can support what you wrote above for your parenting.” Wrote.

However, some commenters agreed with some of the poster’s points.


“My beloved son, Mummy, is very sorry to have taken you to this family. Your dad loves to play with his horsepower more than you do.”

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