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After Prime Minister Lee’s National Day rally on Sunday (August 21), netizens who felt very strongly wrote an open letter. , Netizens have raised many points that affect everyday men. The anonymous letter was not signed and its author is unknown.

In an open letter, netizens asked, “Who is destroying the affordability of our basic living expenses?”

“While witnessing the hardships faced by the average Singaporean at a time when everything but salaries and incomes are on the rise,” he said, “Singapore is a land of opportunity” (a few As a friend recounted), he writes that he has trouble coordinating his speech. .

The netizen did not name a specific person, but added that small business owners and service providers were complaining that their business had slowed down significantly due to the increase in operating costs.

With such a “terrifying socio-economic outlook”, netizens asked why starting to raise the GST was still justified.

“Are these 4G politicians trying to mock or trivialize the pain, plight and suffering suffered by their fellow Singaporeans?” he asks.

Talking about the demise of “cheap and great local food,” a netizen wrote: In supermarkets, the cost of basic groceries and essentials has gotten out of hand. ”

“At a time when inflation, food security and job security are the main concerns of many struggling Singaporeans, two fresh chicken pieces weighing NTUC 3.212kg are priced at S$72.27 or S$22.50 each. It’s really shocking to defend that it’s being sold.kg,” he added.

Netizens accuse NTUC FairPrice of “sucking up all the opportunities that SME owners and entrepreneurs rightfully deserve,” and that this has helped Singapore succeed in fostering local start-ups and true entrepreneurs. I’m assuming that’s the reason why it’s not.

TISG reached out to NTUC FairPrice three days ago for comment and clarification.

Full letter:

Who is destroying the affordability of our basic living expenses?

After hearing Prime Minister Lee’s speech on this year’s National Day, I had a hard time reconciling his speech with the statement that “Singapore is a land of opportunity” (as several friends have said). I’m here. Everything except wages and income has increased.

But when small business owners and service providers start complaining that their operating costs are skyrocketing and their business is taking a big hit, ask who’s actually making the money? you may need.

Under such a terrifying socio-economic outlook, 4G politicians within the current PAP government should start raising GST while imposing a full excise tax on gasoline, not forgetting utility bills. How do you feel that is justified? price?

Are these 4G politicians trying to mock or trivialize the pain, plight and hardships suffered by their fellow Singaporeans in order to please the Big Boss?

If Singapore truly is a land of opportunity, we want the government to be a true beneficiary of all the socio-economic opportunities, government subsidies, schemes and tax breaks that the majority of Singaporeans and a small government have provided. you may have to ask who the Local businesses struggle and suffer just to survive.

please think about it. If Singapore is a country of boundless opportunities that pro-government supporters rave about, then politicians, senior bureaucrats, or union heads can step out of the comforts of government and into these ‘recognized’ markets. Why don’t you see me stepping into the Land of Opportunities?

The current 4G PAP team loves to preach about Upskilling and Transformation 4.0, as if they have all the answers to the challenges of the new economy, so some of them stepped forward to find out how. It would be nice if you could show me. This process has perhaps shown us the ability to match Jack Ma, Masayoshi Son, Steve Jobs, and others.

The hard truth is that politicians, bureaucrats and union heads these days are too busy indulging in our excessive economic successes, complacent and driven by the 4G PAP devised, thornless party-centric propagandists. and a new legion of reporters (because they no longer deserve to be called journalists or editors).

Where have all our plans and investments gone?

Singapore was once known, as Lee wants us to believe, for its obsession with planning for just about every conceivable contingency, but he The gold standard of public health care was torn to pieces when the current 4G government was stuck by the pandemic.

As inflation breaks the backbone of the average Singaporean, more and more bad news that the 4G ministers can’t even plan or manage the security of our food and basic necessities and respond decisively. Since we are starting, we need to ask Prime Minister Lee if it is fair that Singaporeans have to put up with this horde of clowns they have amassed for his succession planning, but how? cost?

One of Lee’s struggles with planning his own succession plan is that his succession team cannot plan or even manage the legacy left by previous generations of politicians. If so, I think that’s something he should work on. Most unapologetic of his rally speeches.

The power and fuel crisis – where is the stored energy?

Over the years, we have invested tens of billions of dollars in deep tunnel projects to strengthen and secure control over our water resources, essential services and energy reserves. A sudden price increase, even though there should be a considerable amount of energy in reserves in preparation for a sudden price increase?

If we have spent so much public money preparing for such a contingency, where is the buffer in our energy reserves that would have protected us from sudden increases in electricity and fuel costs?

It would be nice to know who the ministers responsible for these are and why they have remained silent.

But if these reserve stockpiles were used by governments or their affiliates to be sold to utilities and fuel companies at an obscene profit, wouldn’t this violate the original purpose of the crisis plan?

If all the government is about to do is profit at all costs, who will protect Singaporeans from the risk of future crises?

Alas, PAP politicians have to sing and defend the government’s position, and labor unions are busy chasing their own business opportunities to increase their profits.

So what good is Lee’s call to stand united against Singaporeans when, as the current socio-economic upheaval shows, they still “have to walk alone” when it matters most? ?

End of cheap and great local food:

With the announcement that NTUC Enterprise acquired 56 food courts, 21 coffee shops, 3 hawker centers and 2 central kitchens from Kopitiam in September 2018, NTUC has become an outlet operator, much like a supermarket. It has ensured Singaporeans that prices remain affordable.

For price-conscious Singaporeans, we all know NTUC does not offer quality products at the lowest prices. This became clear during the pandemic when prices of basic foods and essentials in supermarkets spiraled out of control.

At a time when inflation, food security and job security are major concerns for many Singaporeans in difficult times, NTUC sells two 3.212kg fresh chicken at S$72.27 or S$22.50 per kilo Defending what you did is really shocking. .

Some business owners are beginning to bid aggressively for coffee shops and food courts, just like monkeys do. NTUC is betting billions of dollars on his local F&B division, so we assume it must know something about government policy and its plans for the future. , or suppose the government is obligated to support the NTUC in their joint efforts to manage food courts, coffee shops and hawker centres.

Against such a disturbing outlook, rentals at food courts, coffee shops and hawker centers under the NTUC can be expensive, so working Singaporeans and those living in central Singapore will have to pay for food and drink. It is recommended to prepare for further price increases of over.

Considering that the NTUC could be worth billions of assets and is literally everywhere in Singapore, but nothing can be shown regionally or internationally, is the NTUC really dynamic or is it necessary? It’s just a giant co-op of parasites sucking up all opportunities. Is it rightfully given to our small business owners and entrepreneurs?

Looking at the NTUC through Michael Potter’s National Competitive Advantage perspective, it’s clear that the PAP-led government has foolishly usurped successful entrepreneurs and business owners in sectors NTUC has cornered.

This may well explain why Singapore has not been successful in fostering local dynamic start-ups and true entrepreneurs (and has been successful in PR packaging for its wealthy descendants). not).

Where NTUC lacks the in-depth skill sets required for localization or internationalization, the more entrenched in training, the more government funding has been approved, including the use of SkillFuture, for courses offered by NTUC Training Centers. Why is it allowed?

Can blinds lead blinds?

Or is this the political price that the 4G PAP government must pay to the NTUC?

It is understandable that corporations make money, but Singaporeans are exploited to maintain parasitic co-operatives who live in luxury from our collective success, or pay the price for political exploitation of the PAP. If it must, it is not acceptable. to keep their dead trees under employment.

As such, Mr. Lee’s rally address this year was really a waste of opportunity because he failed to use it to do what was right for the people, wasn’t it?

I wonder if Lee still believes Singaporeans deserve better…

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