Scarlett Moffatt said, “Don’t give up,” when he explained that he had failed the driving test 13 times.

Gogglebox Star will host a new BBC show entitled Scarlett’s Driving School. It supports fellow learners taking intensive courses run by some of the UK’s top driving instructors.

At the age of 31, she began learning at the age of 17, revealing that she can now successfully complete a roundabout, but still struggles to operate.

When appearing at This Morning on Tuesday, presenter Dermot O’Leary asked if driving wasn’t right for him and said, “I won’t give up.”

Presenter Allison Hammond asked if it was the instructor who was nervous about her, and Moffat jokingly admitted, “No, I can’t drive.”

She added: “Honestly, I want to go.” It’s thanks to the instructor or examiner. “

“I started when I was 17, but now I’m 31. I can do roundabouts and other operations that I still need to work on, but it’s definitely getting better.”

When asked if she would tell her if she thought she was ready for the test before her instructor sat down, she said frankly: “Yeah, a liar” made the presenter laugh.

Moffat has also released a new Channel 4 documentary, the Mystery of Tourette’s UK: Scarlett Moffat Survey. It is exploring the rise of Tourette’s in Britain.

Since the inception of Covid-19, pandemic pediatricians and children’s mental health professionals have recorded a significant increase in the prevalence of tic disorder between children and teens.

In the new program, Moffat travels nationwide to delve into the mysteries and meets a group of people recently diagnosed with this condition, scientists working on new phenomena, and Turret’s TikTok influencers.

Moffat explained that this was a personal journey for her. She suffered from Bell’s palsy when she was young, and as a result she suddenly developed her facial tics.

According to the NHS, this is a condition that causes temporary weakness or lack of movement that affects one side of the face.

“I remember it was a very scary time because I couldn’t control my body,” said a TV star.

She added: Allow it to happen. “

The Mystery of Tourette’s in the UK: Scarlett Moffatt will investigate the broadcast on Channel 4 and all 4 at 10 pm on Tuesday.

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