Adobe on Tuesday released a new set of software tools designed to make it easy to create three-dimensional digital objects for marketing campaigns, video games, and the metaverse. The company has dominated the market for his 2D content creation with graphic design and photo editing tools, and last month he acquired Figma, a privately held software company competing for $20 billion and shares.

But in recent years, Adobe has also invested in creating 3D content, a field dominated by videogame-focused companies like Unity Software Inc. (UN). Content is strong in the Metaverse, a virtual world that Meta Platforms Inc. (META.O) and others rely on for future revenue growth. However, creating a three-dimensional object required a lot of effort for the artist. That’s why the graphics company has released two of his tools designed to make creating digital objects faster and easier.

3D capture tools allow users to take a series of photos of a real-world object with almost any camera, including smartphones, and combine those photos into a three-dimensional digital object. An early use of this software is in e-commerce. His second tool released allows the artist to switch between editing her 3D objects on her desktop computer and manipulating them by hand in his virtual reality headset. According to Fran├žois Cottin, senior director of marketing for Substance 3D and metaverse at Adobe, the software gives his virtual artist a feeling similar to sculpting clay, while simultaneously working on a computer. You can get similar accuracy.

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