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A bikini calendar was launched to help women feel “confident, smart and sexy” with a portion of the proceeds going to charity.

The Bermuda Baddie 2023 calendar is the brainchild of Ika Lovell, owner and founder of AllStar Calendars.

Ravel said the idea behind the calendar, in which she also appears as a model, is to encourage women of all shapes and sizes to love and accept themselves.

“It is very important that women love us for who we are and create positive thoughts about our body image.

“We have different body shapes and sizes, different complexions and hair textures and that’s okay. Women can be mean to each other sometimes, but I want to encourage women’s empowerment and unity.” thinking about.

“We all need to love ourselves and create an environment where we feel comfortable in our skin and appearance. We should all feel confident, beautiful and sexy regardless of outside opinions.” is.”

A model since age 19, Ravel’s calendar features Bermuda models and photos taken at Daniel’s Head Beach and Park, Blue Hole Park, Grotto Bay Beach Resort and Spa and Cambridge Beach Resort and Spa. He said he was.

“I went into the project blindly and without experience,” she said. “I did a lot of research and research.

“We live on a beautiful island with an iconic beach, so it made sense for us to be on the swimsuit calendar.”

The calendar is priced at $50, with $5 donated to the Women’s Resource Center and $5 to the Bermuda Cancer and Health Center, featuring images taken by lead photographers Eric Bean, Voorhees Joel, and Trey Cannonier It has been.

NealJhay Morris served as creative director and McGinger Design and Lab served as graphic designer.

Ravel, who works as a barista at Devil’s Isle Cafe, said, “I wanted to work as a model director to help me grow as a person.

“It was great to be able to bring the team together, lead people, and coach them.”

Calendars are available at Devil’s Isle Café, Brown & Co’s The Bookmart, Dockyard’s Snorkel Park, Instagram @bermudabaddie_ and Facebook @Bermudabaddie. Please contact info@allstarcalendars.com for more information.

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