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Former Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is currently leading the field in terms of publicly declared support from parliamentarians, with 38 supporters.

Former Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is currently leading the field in terms of publicly declared support from parliamentarians, with 38 supporters.

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The Conservative Party of the United Kingdom is trying to narrow down a wide range of candidates to become the next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom by demanding initial support from 20 Tory lawmakers.

The nominations were opened and closed on Tuesday, and the first vote of Conservative lawmakers took place on Wednesday, 1922 Commission Chairman Graham Brady, who oversees the process, told the BBC. The party’s new leader, and therefore the next Prime Minister of Britain, will be announced on September 5, he said.

Former Finance Minister Rishi Sunak is now leading the field in terms of publicly declared support from MPs, with 38 supporters, according to a spreadsheet run by the Guy Fawkes news website. There is. Next comes Trade Minister Penny Mordaunt and Parliamentary Diplomatic Special Committee Chairman Tom Tagendat.

When Johnson was elected in 2019, each candidate needed at least eight nominations, which would reduce the field and allow two finalists to be elected by July 21, when Congress will be on summer vacation. Has been increased to make it.

Conservative members will choose the final winner after the finalists make a six-week UK tour in the summer.

The rule effectively means that a candidate must get the support of about 5% of the Tories in Congress in order to participate in the race. In addition to the initial support criteria, Brady said the candidate with the least votes in each round will be knocked out and candidates with less than 30 votes will be excluded.

The party is trying to avoid the damage that candidates attack each other in a long campaign. Rivalry is already hot, with thorns and suspicions flying around.

Former Health Minister Sajid Javid said that “toxic gossip” was shared. “I’m sorry to see some stories in the weekend press and say it wasn’t our best start,” he said at the campaign’s opening event, and the Tories had to be together “elections.” He added that he would face “forgetting.”

Based on the currently declared support, only snacks, mordants, and tagendats meet the 20 MP threshold, but that’s a different situation as only about half of the Conservative MPs pledge allegiance.

In a recent survey of readers of the Conservative website, which is popular among the grassroots Tories, Mordant was the most popular candidate, with former Minister of Equality Chemi Badenock in second place.

“What we’ve been trying to do is find a balance to ensure that the parliamentary phase ends reasonably quickly before the summer vacation, but having that proper debate within the party I believe we can, “Brady said.


Johnson resigned as a Conservative leader last week after a dramatic and massive rebellion among ministers over a series of scandals that cast a shadow over the three-year Premier League. He vowed to continue as prime minister until his successor was announced, and appointed a provisional government that he claimed would not “change direction significantly.”

So far, there are 11 declared candidates, including Snack, his successor Nadim Zahawi, Foreign Minister Liz Truss, and former Health Ministers Jeremy Hunt and Javid. Winners will be announced by September.

After the Johnson administration has raised its tax burden to the highest level since the 1940s and paid large pandemic spending, competitors are rushing to improve each other’s commitment to tax cuts for support.

When temperatures in central London reach 31 degrees Celsius (88 degrees Fahrenheit), Havid has been afraid of the party’s “declining reputation for most values ​​and policies” in recent years to “start growth.” He said he vowed to cut taxes.


Meanwhile, Attorney General Surah Braverman and Prime Minister Zahawi gave a speech to the Sackerite Conservative Way Forward Group.

Braverman, an avid Brexitea, promised a “significant tax cut,” warned that Britain was spending a lot of money on welfare payments, and said it wanted Britain to leave the European Court of Human Rights. rice field. Zahawi told the event that it would lower the base tax rate, abolish VAT on energy rates, and cancel the planned increase in corporate tax.

“If I become prime minister, the share of tax in GDP will be lower year-on-year,” Zahawi said. “People need to hold more money and let them choose how to spend it.”

Other candidates include Transport Minister Grant Shaps and Foreign Minister Lehmann Chisti, who became Foreign Minister last week. Home Secretary Pretty Patel also weighs the execution.

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