A new network was established to strengthen bilateral relations between the Netherlands and the United States through academic cooperation. Academic success depends on the exchange of innovative ideas. We also know that international cooperation is essential for the scientific community.

There are many scholars in America who have strong ties to Holland. Through their research, scientific achievements, and their respective networks, they are already contributing to addressing U.S. and global challenges, demonstrating a strong bond between the two counties.

It is envisioned that this network will facilitate more structured academic cooperation across the Atlantic. It provides a platform for Dutch scholars in the United States. Create a forum for open discussion, mentoring and interdisciplinary exchanges, launching conferences and lectures on a variety of topics relevant to both sides of the Atlantic.

The network will be an active partner of the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and the Dutch diplomatic mission to the United States. Nobel laureate Guido Invens is chairing this new network. Education science officer Renske Heemskerk, who was appointed to his August appointment at the Royal Dutch Embassy in Washington, will serve as the network’s secretary.

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